Flynn Hodkinson are niche US visa & US Immigration lawyers in London, UK.

Our clients are small, medium and multi-national businesses, investors and individual private clients.

US Visas For Employers & Employees

Our USA visa specialists will assist with temporary and permanent US work visas for multinational, medium or small businesses

Series of business professionals at work

US Visa Help For Investors

Our US visa consultants in London will help with temporary or permanent investor visas for companies and individuals investing in US businesses

US Visa Help For Families

As a US immigration lawyer in London, we offer family-based “green card” visas for spouses, children and parents of US citizens and Lawful Permanent residents


Visas For US Citizens & Permanent Residents

As a US immigration attorney, we give expert advice from US visa lawyers to US citizens and permanent residents living outside the United States.

Why Choose Us For American Visa Advice?

Our Philosophy

At Flynn Hodkinson, our guiding principles are honesty, compassion and thoroughness. It is our intention to provide the highest level of US visa and nationality legal advice to help our clients achieve their goals. We approach complex legal issues with compassion and we understand that what we are assisting our clients with is a very important part of their personal and/or professional life.

How We Work

We will analyse your US visa and nationality case and give advice on what the realistic outcome is likely to be based on our experience. While we can assist most of our clients after the initial consultation we sometimes have to advise a client that they are unlikely to succeed after we have closely reviewed the facts of the case. This can be difficult but in the end, it is more important for our clients to have a realistic idea of their chances for success. US immigration law is complex and visa applications are approved on the basis of discretion.

We provide bespoke US visa and nationality law advice to build the strongest case possible for our clients using our knowledge of US immigration law and our more than 10 years experience in dealing with the various US governmental agencies.

Our Understanding

We are American lawyers who have moved to London to start a new life and we understand what it means to create a new life in another country and the challenges that come with that. On a professional basis, we know that if we provide straight-forward advice from the outset to our clients and maintain a high level of responsiveness and are well-versed in what to expect throughout the US visa application process, we hope this will relieve much of the stress our clients, be they individual or employment-based clients, experience.

Trusted Advisors

Our expertise is solely with US immigration law, but being based in London we have a savvy outlook to see beyond our field of expertise to identify issues to connect our clients with other professionals to help with issues relating to international tax, financial planning and international human resources. If needed, we are able to point our clients to experts in dealing with these issues so they can obtain critical advice prior to entering the US.

Do you need the help of a US immigration lawyer?

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