Temporary US Work Visa

Support with temporary US work visas

A USA temporary work visa allows a person to work in the USA for a limited period for a particular employer. In most cases, a US temporary working visa must involve a US employer or a foreign employer with a US office to sponsor a foreign worker for a visa.

If you are a company that wishes to sponsor someone for a USA temporary employment visa or you are an individual who has a job offer from a US employer, please send us an email at info@flynnhodkinson.com and let us know the details of what you require.


If you do not have a job offer from a US employer please click on the links below for more information regarding the general requirements for the most common USA work visa categories.


Flynn Hodkinson cannot provide advice on how to find employment in the US. 

Qualifying for a Temporary US Work Visa

As indicated above, the key issue for a person who wishes to work temporarily in the United States is to find an employer to sponsor him or her for a USA temporary working visa and there must be a US work visa available. In most cases, without an employer to sponsor a person for a US visa, it will be impossible to proceed with a US temporary work visa application.

The requirements of temporary US work visas are very different for each category and often a person may theoretically meet the requirements of one or more category depending on his or her personal circumstances. The United States has structured its US work visa categories in order to allow the best and brightest in the world to work in America. In general, a person will need to be a professional with at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in a specific field or have many years of work experience in their field or working with the products of a specific company.

Deciding which temporary work US visa is the best way forward will depend on many factors. For example, while all US temporary work visas will allow the principal visa holder’s spouse and children to apply for dependent visas, the spouse may only work under certain US visa categories. It may be a priority that a person’s spouse is able to work in the US so one visa category would be chosen over another which does not allow the spouse to work.

Below is a list of the US temporary visa categories in which our firm assists. Please click on each category to find out more about each type of visa: