US Citizens & Permanent Residents

Flynn Hodkinson provides advice to US citizens and permanent residents living outside the United States. The advice often relates to the loss or renunciation of US citizenship or the ways to retain or formally abandon Permanent Residency cards (aka “green cards”).

US Citizens and Permanent Residents often have questions regarding US tax that relates to the renunciation of US citizenship or abandonment of permanent residency. Flynn Hodkinson has many contacts with high levels of expertise so that, even if an area is not within our expertise we can refer you to someone who is well suited to give the help you need.

Loss of US Citizenship

A  US citizen may lose his or her citizenship by voluntarily performing
an expatriating act with the intention of relinquishing citizenship.


Permanent Residents

US Permanent Residents or “green card” holders enjoy many,
but not all, of the same benefits as US citizens

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