DOS Announces New Exchange Visitor Program for Japan

DOS Announces New Exchange Visitor Program for Japan

On April 19, 2024, the Department of State (DOS) announced a new international exchange visitor program for Japan. The program authorizes an exception under the Specialist category in the Exchange Visitor Program regulations to permit Japanese language and culture specialists to stay up to 36 months in the United States on J-1 visas.

The Japan Specialist Program “will expand educational and cultural exchange opportunities between the people of the United States and Japan, promote the interchange of knowledge and skills among foreign and U.S. specialists, and foster long-term mutual understanding and international cooperation with U.S. communities across the United States,” DOS said.

During their program, DOS said, exchange visitors from Japan “will share their specialized knowledge of Japanese language and education in the United States at community based, non-profit organizations, U.S. Government offices, secondary schools, or post-secondary academic institutions offering Japanese, and similar types of institutions to increase U.S. local communities’ understanding of Japan, its culture, and language. Selected experts in Japanese culture and language will gain a better understanding of U.S. culture and society and promote mutual enrichment by enhancing U.S. knowledge of Japanese culture, language, and educational systems.”


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